Full bond-line formed in 15 seconds

Self-Bond™ — Bond. Debond. Repeat.

World's First Re-bondable Structural Adhesive

Self-Bond™ is a new class of powder coatable structural rebondable adhesive that have high strength over broad temperature range.

Self-Bond uses a solid state bonding technique that utilizes a new class of high performance polymer — ATSP (aromatic thermosetting copolyesters), where chemical bonds are exchanged in the solid state. Self-Bond can be used as a structural adhesive with high shear strength of up to 20 MPa at 80 µm thickness.

If you would like to reconfigure the design or reuse the parts, Self-Bond allows you to take the bonded parts apart. The debonded parts can be rebonded by simple application of heat and pressure. This can be repeated multiple times without loss in strength. This enables recycling of scrap parts or worn pieces.

Self-bond adhesives can provide

  • Adhesive bond formed by heating, on-demand adhesion when needed
  • Rapidly attain full bond strength (in seconds). Can inspect the bond right away and move to the next steps of assembly
  • Can be Bonded and debonded over multiple cycles. Reconfiguring of structures possible at a later date, providing rework and recycling of parts and augmenting manufacturing flexibility
  • High strength over broad temperature range. Can be used up to 300°C. Examples include engine parts or parts that get hotter
  • Ease of application as powder coatings. Automatic application, large area uniform application, standard powder coating equipment can be used
  • Odor free, no VOC. No EHS concerns, bonding and assembly can be performed at the customer site. Can open up new application areas.
  • Non-tacky. Can ship ready to bond parts to large distances, easy to handle during fabrication.

Bonding on various substrates

Self-bond™ has excellent adhesion to a variety of substrates.
  • Aluminum
  • Steel
  • Polymer-matrix composites
  • Glass
Drop-in application process
  • Powder coating process can be used for application of Self-bond™
  • Solution coating can be used in places where a very smooth surface finish or transparency is needed
Clean bonding process
  • Self-Bond™ uses a solid state bonding process called “interchain transesterification reaction (ITR)”.
  • Non-tacky bonding process
  • Glove/PPE-free bonding, can be done easily in the field and at customer location

Tacky structural adhesives used in industrial sector have issues with bond strength build up, on-demand adhesion and large area application. Providing a solution for reconfigurable, on-demand adhesives will open up a number of applications and also streamline/simplify manufacturing and assembly of parts. The Self-Bond technology was created in collaboration with NASA for purposes of in-space aseembly.

We are looking for partners, collaborators and customers to bring this unique technology to the industrial markets. Interested in joining us in this new frontier of structural adhesives? Contact us or request a quote.