New article shows NOWE™ coatings performing through 300C in dry sliding

Jacob Meyer

Recent work published in Tribology Letters has shown ATSP's NOWE™ coatings performing under dry-sliding conditions in environmental temperatures of up to 300C. In this study, ATSP oligomers were blended filled with PTFE or graphene nanoplateletes (GNP) and deposited using electrostatic powder coating and cured. This marks one of the first studies performed on high temperature tribology using graphene in polymers. The ATSP/GNP coating in dry sliding contact developed a stable transfer film - providing low wear rates and steady coefficients of friction (COF). Interestingly, the coefficient of friction and wear rates for the ATSP/GNP coating decreased with increasing temperature. 

In a prior post, we outlined the physical case for polymer coatings - including high stress capacity, applicability over wide areas, low COFs, and enhanced part dimensional stability. This new study expands the range at which polymers can address dry sliding tribological conditions. This enhanced tribological performance is couple with features found in all NOWE™ coatings including high thermal stability, low outgassing, and a crosslinked structure providing high solvent resistance and low moisture uptake.