ATSP is Hiring

Pixiang Lan


ATSP Innovations, Inc. has recently moved in Houston, TX and we are looking for part-time employees.

Job description:

As a startup company, we have different new applications or requirements from customers and our NASA programs, the employee needs to involve problem solving for different projects all the time. In addition, there are some routine duties:

1. Sample production: produce ATSP oligomers from raw materials (monomers); powder coating and solvent-borne coating deposition; ATSP composite production;

2. Testing: TGA, DSC, Tensile testing, etc.

3. Lab maintenance

Job Requirements:

Engineering background;

Strong communication, interpersonal, organization, and critical thinking skills;

10-20 hours/week;

Location: 6762 Shadyvilla Lane, Houston, TX

Please your resume to if you have the interest.