ATSP Innovations Announces Self-Bond™: A New Class of Rebondable Structural Adhesive

New structural adhesive developed for in-space assembly is now available for the industrial market.
Jacob Meyer

Champaign, IL – Structural adhesives provide design engineers with flexibility over mechanical fasteners but are not amenable to end-of-life recyclability of the final part. With multi-material bonding, sustainability and end-of-life of products gaining prominence, Self-Bond TM addresses deficiencies in the structural on-demand adhesive market. ATSP’s Self-Bond TM adhesive is designed to bond different materials ranging from metals, glass and composites. Self-Bond is spray and powder coatable, lending itself to simplified large-area application and assembly. Self-Bond TM adhesive provides a rapid, strong and reversible structural bond stable up to 700 F. Self-Bond TM adhesives can be debonded using controlled heat and rebonded for over 50 cycles. This allows reuse and recycling of adhesive-bonded parts.

“We developed this technology as part of a program for NASA and are excited to present it to the industrial world,” says Jacob Meyer, Laboratory Director of ATSP Innovations. “Now assembling industrial parts is as easy as putting together toy bricks, without impacting the structural integrity. The tool-kit that engineers have long sought to integrate reusability in their products is finally here.”

Self-Bond TM adhesives are available as powder coatings that can be applied to any part. Pre-coated standard parts are also available on request. ATSP innovations has initiated work with strategic partners and expects to make further announcement soon with respect to the broad launch and distribution of Self-BondTM adhesive materials. Self-Bond TM joins Estherm TM and NOWE TM as products offered by ATSP Innovations. Estherm TM is a new class of high temperature resins for composites, foams, dielectric materials and lightweight structural parts. NOWE TM is a new-generation low-friction and low-wear material for industrial applications.

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