ATSP at CAMX 2018

Jacob Meyer

ATSP Innovations will be exhibiting its new line of ultra-high temperature resins (Aromatic ThermoSetting coPolyester – ATSP) for coatings, composites and stock shapes, as well as its new Self-Bond line of structural adhesives at the 2018 Composites and Advanced Materials Expo. All ATSP resins offer high thermal stability (>300℃) and glass transitions, extremely low moisture pickup, flame resistance, and compatibility with ATSP’s Self-Bond adhesive process. ATSP’s Self-Bond technology enables rapid (bonding times <5 minutes), low mess, non-tacky high temperature adhesion (45 MPa pulloff strength at 25℃, 4.6 MPa at 380℃) in your manufacturing process. Self-Bond resins can be deployed via electrostatic powder deposition – allowing adhesive deposition rapidly over broad areas. Self-Bond allows two articles coated with ATSP to bond to covalently bond to each other as solids throughout the entire process via bond exchange reactions. Advantages of Self-Bond include easy application as powder coating, rapid bonding time, infinite and touch-safe/non-tacky open time, and an entirely solid-state process meaning it is odor-free with no VOCs and is highly automatable, along with high strength over broad temperature range. Additionally, Self-Bond resins are rebondable – so long as the resin failure mode is cohesive rather than adhesive (isn’t ripped off the substrate). Prior experiments showed complete rebondability over 50 cycles with no loss in mechanical performance. Requirements for executing the process on compatible resin coatings are applied pressure and temperatures. ATSP Innovations provides Self-Bond resins as electrostatically depositable coatings and will help you integrate ATSP’s Self-Bond technology into your manufacturing process using our company’s combined experience working with our polymer and this adhesive concept.

ATSP Innovations also provides NOWE wear solutions for extreme environments. NOWE uses a proprietary blend of ATSP polymer with discontinuous carbon fibers and solid lubricants. NOWE bearings and stock shape materials offer outstanding wear properties, low coefficients of friction, working temperatures ranging from cryogenic to 300℃, excellent oxidative stability, low moisture pickup, non-flammability, easy machinability with low dust production, and compatibility with Self-Bond.

ATSP Innovations will be exhibiting at CAMX 2018 On October 15-18 in Booth E80 at the Kay-Bailey Hutchinson Convention Center in Dallas, Texas.