ATSP 2017 Literature Summary

Jacob Meyer

For 2017, ATSP has reached new heights for polymers - demonstrating superior tribological performance under abrasive and cryogenic conditions and unprecedented mechanical and thermal properties for nanocomposite foams with outstanding resistance to aging. 

Aromatic thermosetting copolyester foam core and aluminum foam face three-layer sandwich composite for impact energy absorption

Aromatic thermosetting copolyester nanocomposite foams: High thermal and mechanical performance lightweight structural materials

Periodic Functionalization of Graphene‐Layered Alumina Nanofibers with Aromatic Thermosetting Copolyester via Epitaxial Step‐Growth Polymerization

Effects of environmental aging on physical properties of aromatic thermosetting copolyester matrix neat and nanocomposite foams

Morphological and electrical properties of ATSP/p-Si photodiode

Tribological performance of aromatic thermosetting polyester (ATSP) coatings under cryogenic conditions

Three-body abrasive wear by (silica) sand of advanced polymeric coatings for tilting pad bearings

A phenomenological elevated temperature friction model for viscoelastic polymer coatings based on nanoindentation

High temperature and high pressure tribological experiments of advanced polymeric coatings in the presence of drilling mud for oil & gas applications