2016 ATSP Literature Summary

Jacob Meyer

2016 has seen publications on our crosslinkable aromatic polyester technology deployed as an extraordinarily wear resistant coating,  a high temperature and recyclable foam, a high performance stock shape/bulk material, an innovative solid state adhesive, and a microcracking-resistant and repairable high temperature composite resin. See article links below.


NASA Tech Briefs article on our Phase I SBIR


Processing of aromatic thermosetting copolyesters into foams and bulk parts: characterization and mechanical properties


Advanced polymeric coatings for tilting pad bearings with application in the oil and gas industry


Adhesion characteristics of aromatic thermosetting copolyester and glass fiber laminates with copper foils for improved circuit boards


Unlubricated Tribological Performance of Aromatic Thermosetting Polyester (ATSP) Coatings Under Different Temperature Conditions


Tribological interactions of advanced polymeric coatings with polyalkylene glycol lubricant and r1234yf refrigerant


Heat-Induced Polycondensation Reaction with Self-Generated Blowing Agent Forming Aromatic Thermosetting Copolyester Foams


Normal impact of sand particles with solar panel glass surfaces