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ATSP Innovations offers lightweight resins with outstanding thermal performance, flame resistance, environmental stability, and wear resistance. Our game-changing structural adhesives technology enables high strength, high temperature rapid assembly coupled with reversibility/reworkability unique in a structural adhesive.

  • Estherm™ composites allow lightweighting in high temperature conditions.
  • Self-Bond™ for your rapid assembly and high temperature adhesive needs. Self-Bond™ adhesives feature full-strength bonding times on the scale of minutes, on demand adhesion, infinite open time, and inspection immediately after cooling. Self-Bond adhesives are deployable rapidly over wide area via electrostatic powder coating.
  • NOWE™ is available for your lightweight bearing material needs. Combining outstanding PV values with high strengths at the high temperatures found in next generation equipment. NOWE™ is also available for your corrosion and wear resistant coating needs.