Machinable Sheets and Plates

This product line provides a unique combination of properties including mechanical strength and high-temperature performance to help customers improve part functionality, gain long-term reliability, and cost savings.

Benefits of ATSP polymer

  • Excellent specific strength, stiffness and dimensional stability at high temperature and in harsh environments
  • Easy to machine
  • Low coefficient of friction and high wear resistance without lubrication
  • Insoluble in solvents and widely resistant to attack from acids, salts, hydrocarbons, and many other species
  • Excellent moisture resistance, weatherability, and extremely low moisture pickup
  • Superior dielectric properties with low loss at high temperatures
  • Solid-state self-bondable

ATSP Plate

Color: Tan
Unfilled Heat Deflection Temperature: 230°C
Melting Point: None
Tensile Strength: 85 MPa
Technical Data Sheet: Click here

Dimension Thickness Thickness Tolerance Price
6" x 6" 1/2" 1/16" Call for quote

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